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Knitting equipment demand growth attracted attention

In the recently concluded fourteenth Shanghai international textile industry exhibition, knitting and printing and dyeing equipment has become the biggest bright spot, two types of equipment exhibitors occupy 5 of the 9 exhibition hall, the most previous.
Participating enterprises strong lineup
"Although the global financial crisis caused a decline in the textile industry situation, but the show is still a great success. According to preliminary statistics, two days before the show's trade volume has exceeded 100 million yuan. The turnover of this knitting equipment is gratifying, part of the company's product contract more than the company's expectations." The exhibition trade liaison group leader Wu Guohong said. Fujian Quanzhou Aotu Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. marketing department responsible person also told reporters, from the exhibition opened on the first day, booth staff began to busy entertaining a group of guests, some came to ask for product performance and price, some directly come to discuss product orders. 4 days, the company's intention of knitting machine is better than expected orders before the exhibition.
Not only the volume of attention, the current exhibition of knitting equipment exhibitors lineup and product grades are worth attention. Despite the impact of the global financial crisis, foreign enterprises exhibitors decrease in the number, but including Japan Shima Seiki, Stoll, German Karl Mayer, Germany Grosz Beckett foreign well-known knitting equipment and equipment production enterprises carried a the new product exhibitors. At the same time, Ningbo Yu, Zhejiang Flying Tigers, Changzhou run source and other well-known domestic knitting equipment manufacturers are also fully unveiled. In addition, as China's largest knitting machinery production base in Fujian Province, is a group to participate in this exhibition. According to the Fujian Province Textile Industry Association of the Secretary General Guan Xiuhua, the Fujian Province has more than 70 with a certain scale of knitting machinery manufacturing enterprises, annual production capacity of more than 10000 sets of knitting disk machine, flat knitting machine, warp knitting machine, and other equipment also occupy a larger domestic market share. Fujian Taiwan sail, red flag shares, Quanzhou, and other advantages of the advantages of enterprises to bring the latest products to come to the exhibition, concentrated display of the strength of Fujian province knitting equipment R & D and production.
Many advanced equipment concentrated debut
Several kinds of devices in terms of exhibits, computerized flat knitting machine, biaxial, multi axial warp knitting machine, circular knitting machine, seamless underwear machine rely on high performance, high efficiency of downstream textile enterprises favor. This kind of equipment in the textile machinery industry downturn, still achieve the sales rise. From the beginning of this year, some computer flat knitting machine, warp knitting machine manufacturing enterprises orders constantly, and began full production. Through this exhibition can reflect the current situation of market demand, displays the equipment enterprises stand in, advisory equipment performance, price of visitors, some with production enterprises on the spot signed a purchase contract.
Japan Shima Seiki manufacturing shows the companies in a variety of computerized flat knitting machine, including the China textile enterprises know the SIG and SSG two series of products, and a 2008 launch of the latest Mach2 series of forming of computerized flat knitting machine. According to the introduction of Shima Seiki the planning department director Wu wild political tree, Mach2 is Island fine this exhibition display has the highest level of technology of computerized flat knitting machine, in software and hardware upgrades make the models knitting speed increased by 50%, coupled with rapid response (R2) rapid head rotation system to make the machine run more quickly, can to twice the rate of production woven out of high quality small needle from the sweater. On behalf of the domestic computerized flat knitting machine strength of independent research and development of Ningbo Yuren Knitting Machinery Co., Ltd., with large scale booth showcasing the including "Chee btang" CX145S, CF142S and other types of the fully automatic computer woven flat knitting machine and GE90 of computer seamless underwear knitting machine and a variety of independent research and development of knitting equipment. Among them, CX145S series of computerized flat knitting machine by digital technology, realize knitting machine needle, hanging head, pick holes, jacquard, accept needle and other rules of cost function of weaving, shows the technology level of domestic computerized flat knitting machine.
The exhibition on the exhibition of warp knitting machine manufacturing enterprises and display of warp knitting machine, most of the previous Shanghai textile industry exhibition. The German Karl Mayer, Changzhou Runyuan, Fujian Xin port and Changzhou Wuyang, domestic and foreign well-known warp knitting machine production enterprises, including display their latest equipment. Among them, Changzhou Runyuan warp knitting machinery Co., Ltd. following the last year with the launch of China's first set of multi axial warp knitting machine, in the exhibition, and the introduction of a fill the gaps in the RDT4/2 double needle bar jacquard warp knitting machine. The machine the piezoelectric jacquard device, the cloth smooth seamless connection, to free expression of a variety of flowers to produce thick material and thin mixture using the symmetrical products, is currently one of the most advanced jacquard series of warp knitting machine.
Jiangnan University Center for the study of Karl Mayer warp knitting Associate Professor Xu Hong Miao told reporters that the exhibition double needle bar jacquard warp knitting machine, including seamless underwear knitting machine and the sandwich surface of the fabric jacquard double needle bar warp knitting machine has a high level of technology, and domestic production enterprises also launched a comb, a greater number of computer multi bar warp knitting machine. From the point of view of the technical level, the speed of warp knitting machine continues to improve, the warp knitting machine manufacturing level have greatly improved, more and more varieties of domestic knitting machine, machine configuration pressure electric ceramic jacquard technology, electronic shogging, electronic sent by and pull coiling, electronic has become the inevitable trend of the development of warp knitting machine.
Concern due to market 
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