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Analysis on the innovation of the knitting equipment, the group and the line

In 2014, the national knitting technology exchange meeting was held in August 20th. Participants around the "knitting production of digital and intelligent" theme of the exchange of discussion.
Vice president of China Textile Industry Association, Sun Ruizhe, chairman of China Textile Engineering Society in his speech pointed out that the knitting enterprises to recognize the new normal, to meet the new expectations. First, in the era of resource and labor productivity cost comparative advantage is gradually weakened, and technological progress is an important means to resolve labor costs. Knitting equipment digital level of ascension, greatly improve the production efficiency. Two is to break through the bottleneck of resources, the chemical fiber industry, in addition to the large amount of wide range of fiber production, the development and application of high-tech fibers, biomass fibers. Three is to strengthen energy conservation and emission reduction cycle of resource utilization related technical progress. Four is the need to strengthen the support of industrial development of the textile basic research, in addition to traditional technology, but also in the soft science, standards, industrial base management to strengthen research. Five is to strengthen the technological innovation, such as human engineering, three-dimensional measurement technology to meet the new consumer demand from the production to the consumer.
China Textile Industry Association president assistant, China Knitting Industrial Association President Yang Shibin to win in upheavals in the title, from the market changes, the government thinking changed, changing consumer, enterprise strain angle, analyzes the upheavals enterprises on how to deal with. His image of enterprise development and innovation as a metaphor for the long jump and the high jump. There is far near the long jump, just as the development of fast and slow; while the high jump only in the past can be considered to win, innovation and success can only produce benefits. Therefore, he hoped that the upstream and downstream enterprises to cooperate to form a joint force to jointly enhance the competitiveness of China's knitting industry.
Meeting, China Textile Engineering Society knitted professional committee director, Southern Yangtze University Professor Jiang Gaoming from knitting equipment intelligent, knitting equipment networked, knitting production continuous three pointed out the knitting industry development trend in the future, stressed the future knitting equipment should pay attention to the innovation and development of the "point and cluster, the line". "Point" means the single equipment intelligent control: "group" refers to multiple equipment networked control group: "line" refers to the multi-channel knitting process into a series of intelligent production line. The application of intelligent knitting technology can greatly reduce the requirement of raw materials, which will effectively reduce the energy consumption and improve the utilization efficiency of the resources. The knitting industry in our country is transformed from the productive power to the technological power and the labor intensive to the technology intensive.
Jiang Gaoming pointed out that China's knitting is in a period of transformation and upgrading, should conform to the development trend of the world knitting industry. At present, the development of knitting industry in the world is
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