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Main specifications and parameters:

Main specifications and parameters:

 Main specifications and parameters:
1. Knitting range:52 inches
2.Gauge : 5G、7G、9G、12G、14G、16G  
3.Knitting speed: adjusts any speed , the maximum speed 1.2m/s
4.Power need: AC220V±8% 50HZ  
5.Motor power : 550W  
6.Needle bed racking: rack left & right each 3 needle, the maximum racking 6 needles
7.Density:stepping motor 150 levels adjustment,the 8 groups density.
8.Needle types: two section needle(needle and needle selection)
9.Driving mode: synchronous belt reciprocating motion,any knitting width can be adjusted.
10.Control mode: computer program control , the LCD display.\
11.Appearance size:2300x850x1620cm
12.Net weight :420kg

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