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Classification of knitting fabrics and knitting machines

First, on some of the common sense of knitting cloth
According to the structure of the fabric, the fabric can be divided into knitted and woven.
Woven fabric yarn is composed of two groups of mutually perpendicular interwoven, a group called the warp, a group called weft.
Knitted fabrics can be classified into two categories: a warp knitted fabric: as its name implies is the meridional (straight to) by one or more sets of warp knitting, common cloth with cloth and Nishibu. B: from the weft knitted fabric weft woven (horizontal).
Second, weft knitting machines - cylinder machine and flat machine, drum machine points for the one-sided and two-sided machine, single-sided machine points for plain weave fabric, double washing machine, machine, towel, embroidering machine, automatic machine and jacquard machine, double-sided machine divided into interlocking machine, rib knitting machine, automatic machine and jacquard cloth.
1 flat machine: flat machine is generally used for multi cylinder machine needle, woven sweater piece. In addition, the flat knitting machine is used in the knitted collar and sleeve, because it can make the size of the required size. Machine flat collar and sleeve is actually a rib, commonly used 12g and 14g two, the leader length limit is depends on the length of flat machine, generally woven to 30 inches. General flat machine can be woven and the cross between the leaders, and can freely control the spacing. As for the jacquard collar, it is necessary to have a flat knitting machine.
2 single machine: single machine needle and needle weaving was only lower, so its fabric has obvious bottom points.
Plain machine: the main function of plain machine is woven plain weave fabric, such as plain, plain row etc.. With the yarn nozzle design, silk cotton plain cloth cover, such as with a needle containing edges and pin arrangement is woven single bead, lacoste and vests, new plain machine with four edges and corners, four different level of pin can be arranged, coupled with a needle containing and module edges and corners, can weave some small jacquard cloth.
Double bit clothing: double inserted structure is more special, edges and corners special design, so this machine can only weave double vests and Pearl double bit clothing, such as edges and corners and needle leaf ring change, can also be woven plain weave fabric and so on.
Machine, towel, towel and shearing machines belong to the same class, strictly speaking is different, machine, towel and a plain machine respectively in coniferous design and yarn guide.
Hanging machine: hanging machine is a new machine with varieties of plain hanging device, it can also be woven ordinary plain cloth.
Automatic machine automatic plain weave machine is divided into computer, machine room two. It is mainly used to weave some horizontal cloth, and the length of the cycle and the length of each color is infinite. Automatic machine has been able to weave the distance prescribed by the modulus is mainly due to each mold yarn mouth are equipped with four pairs of fingers, each finger is connected with different colors of yarn, when combined with finger selection, can control the change of the color of each line. Because each mode has only four fingers, it can only be woven with four colors or the following colors. As for the above four method of fabric is to see its spacing arrangement with rows of yarn can be decided.
Jacquard machine: plain refers to two or more different colors have different patterns of yarn weaving machine. Jacquard machine generally is plain with flower disc hubs and other needle feeding principle (which is most of the). In addition, there are all computer jacquard machine, the so-called computer jacquard machine is the prior information in the computer there is a computer disk, and then put the disk into the computer, the computer to control the weaving.
Double-sided machine, double-sided machine is a needle plate cylinder machine, and is not generally refers to the interlocking machine, it just two-sided machine.
Interlocking machine: because the interlock organization is a kind of basic organization, the structure of interlocking machine is designed for this kind of organization. This type of fabric except left interlocking tissue and some gill tissue, not much change. The new out of a kind of combined with the needle and corner, can also be woven cloth and double cloth.
Rib machine: rib knitting machine and interlocking machine the biggest difference is that the former footwall needle groove is each other between the arrangement, while the latter is opposite arrangement. Rib knitting machine can knit cloth analogy interlocking machine, it can weave 1x1 rib, 2 * 2 wick, playing chicken cloth and beads and cloth, or both mixed and random gill tissue.
Automatic machine: automatic double-sided machine is mainly some self automatic interlock, occasionally weave some gill tissue, it can be divided into computer and machine between the two.
Jacquard double machine: a wide variety of jacquard double-sided machine, the principle of selecting the needle is roughly the same. Double faced jacquard fabric can be divided into two kinds, a kind of is yarns of different colors, the woven jacquard pattern, called Jianse jacquard cloth; another is by embryo yarn, jacquard cloth, composed by a different arrangement of the coils and structure, known as net color jacquard fabric.
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