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New technology to promote the rapid development of knitting machinery

 As we all know, China's imports of knitting equipment for several consecutive years to maintain a high amount of circular weft knitting machine, computer automatic flat knitting machine and seamless knitting underwear machine imports are relatively large. This aspect reflects the great interests of the rapid development of China's knitting industry, on the other hand, it reflects the domestic knitting machinery in the product efficiency, stability and other aspects still need to continue efforts. This background is reflected in the current exhibition, is knitting machinery and equipment accounted for 2 of the exhibition area, showing the enthusiasm of domestic and foreign knitting machinery manufacturing enterprises. At the same time, a more obvious phenomenon is that the knitting equipment to high precision, high mechanical and electrical integration has been further improved.
Foreign equipment leading edge technology
The exhibition of foreign knitting equipment manufacturing enterprises, as well as the exhibition of new knitting machinery is not much, many foreign enterprises are on display models are in the Chinese market for a period of time to sell products. Belonging to the Italy Ronaldo group SANGIACOMO company is the display of star and HT6 and other types of machines, do not belong to new models. But even so, there are still some foreign enterprises will be the integration of the company's latest technology products show, thus becoming the exhibition boutique in the knitting exhibition hall.
The first is the West Mayer company exhibited BASICli - three type neSF4-3.2 wire fleece knitting machine. The models are Mayer company in the West BASICline series models in the new a, suitable for all kinds of knitted flannel and pin 4 fabric processing. The machine using in the central height settings and through the vertical loop to adjust the accuracy, and further realize the fabric thickness adjustment range widening. In addition, Mayer Si developed a special pad yarn feeding technology, so that the machine in machining thin elastic cloth and also can ensure the product quality. SF4-3.2 knitting machine for the 3.2 way to feed the yarn, the production rate of 1.4 m / s, the tube diameter of 30 inches at a speed of 35 RPM / min. Booth, a staff member explained: the models of a number of technologies have the world's leading level, not only reflects the efficiency and precision of the machine, but also reflects the flexibility of the machine.
In addition to the BASIClineSF4-3.2 type knitting machine, the Mayer Si company also launched the Relaint1.6R round machine. It can be equipped with 12 tone line device, also can use elastic yarn weaving. And the machine is the most attractive place, it is the range of its needle to reach 28 needles. One expert said that the current round of the machine is generally in the range of 24 pin, 28 pin round machine represents the most advanced level of today's round machine.
Also Siemens circular knitting machine developed a specialized electronic jacquard control system sitex, has become the focus of attention to many visitors. The Sitex system includes the controller SitexCK, the man-machine interface HMI, the needle selector SitexM, the power supply SitexS as well as the many varieties of knitting flower type. Among them, needle selection device sitexm controlled piezoelectric ceramic selected needle detector, using the "domain" piezoelectric technology, and mechanical needle selection compared with long service life, low noise and low energy consumption characteristics; controller sitexck can accept a variety of formats of the pattern file, based on the selected needle machine precision control the needle and syringe mobile complete synchronization. SIEMENS staff said, Sitex provides a complete solution for the implementation of the electronic needle of circular knitting machines.
In addition, the display of computer automatic flat knitting machine, the German Stoll multi stitch knitting machine, also reflects the new technology of knitting machinery to obtain new progress. These are still the domestic enterprises need to step up efforts to place.
Domestic equipment levels have increased
It is worth mentioning that the 28 pin round machine technology is not only a firm grasp of West mayer. Has a domestic enterprises have developed 28 needle knitting machine. Shanghai turtle step mechanical equipment Co., Ltd. after 3 years of research, at the beginning of the year overcome 28 needle knitting machine a series of technical problems, become China knitting equipment field of a major breakthrough.
Because of concerns about the 28 pin technology leaked, Shanghai turtle step mechanical equipment Co., Ltd. has not brought to the scene of the exhibition. But the positive significance of one of the most advanced technologies in the world has not been affected by the domestic enterprises. 28 needle knitting machine turtle step machinery company represents the new development of domestic knitting equipment made.
Concave and convex Pml Precision Mechanism Ltd on display a variety of knitting machinery products. Among them, the double-sided computer jacquard shift ring is one of the company's focus on the transfer of products. According to company sales manager Yu Jianhua, hanging wall of the machine, circle are used electronic needle selection, at the same time with jacquard and loop transfer function, including the hanging wall of the road configuration shift circle triangle, the 4-way configuration ring moved the triangular ring; plus machine automatic thread regulating function and computer controlled speed rolling function, servo needle pressing device and pneumatic para mediation, so as to realize the full electronic control. The machine maximum speed reached 30 rpm, WAC control system in the upper and lower ring and needle selection, the batching machine system can be in accordance with different fabrics using four kinds of variable speed and winder tension can be independently performed by servomotors. Experts commented that the machine to achieve the application of electronic control shift loop technology, reflecting the progress of mechanical control technology in the electronic.
The precision and the electronic control technology of knitting machinery has always been the weakness of domestic knitting machinery. Concave and convex precision machinery of the new models show the domestic machinery to overcome the difficulties of the determination. In addition, Suzhou xinsanfang Mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd. as Juan GE653 series of multi function computerized flat knitting machine in the improvement of control software also reflects this situation.
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